European initiative for the sustainable safe use of coal derived chemicals

REACH for Coal Chemicals (R4CC)

Coal Chemical Substance Inventory


CCE analysed the European EINECS inventory and identified more than 200 coal chemicals, most of them substances with unknown or variable composition (UVCB). The analysis indicated that many of them are redundant due to a significant compositional overlap or due to identity. Based on this first analysis, CCSG prepared a preliminary grouping/ categorisation of these substances.

             The preliminary substance grouping was verified by establishing composite samples representing European production. Technical specifications were derived to decide on substance identity. This allows the allocation to the best fitting registration dossier.


The substance inventory is divided in two parts:


· Pure coal chemicals and mixtures of isomers;

· Coal derived UVCBs.


The inventory tables provide the January 2011 registration status for each substance.


Pure Coal Chemicals and Isomer Mixtures


The relevant pure coal chemicals and respective CAS, EINECS and Index- Nos. are given. A link is provided to other associations when they take care of a specific substance in other non-R4CC supported SIEFs.


Attachment 1: Table of pure substances or isomer mixtures



Coal based UVCBs


The complex coal chemicals are grouped according to their composition and key physical parameters. Each group of CAS numbers is headed by a lead CAS number representing itself and the group of related CAS–Nos.


Attachment 2: Table of UVCB substances



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